The Mission v1.0

(Read ‘The Mission 2.0‘)

“Who are you? What is this place? What’s in this place? Why am I even here? And, what the elf do たまご [eggs] have to do with Japan?!?!”

Okay, first of all, I don’t come to your website and start bombarding you with a plethora of completely valid questions. Second, I will address your plethora in a moment, give me a sec, yeesh. Third… well, there really is no ‘third’ –except JPIII, which they really shouldn’t have made. They shouldn’t have even made a second, but I like them all anyway… What ever happened to the making of the fourth?!?!

Now that we have that settled, let’s get started!

A Brief History

The name is ざっちー [‘Zatchy’ for those of you who can’t read]. –was born and raised in the populated area of Nebraska, [which does smell like cow-pie until you’ve passed through Iowa, and ‘POW!’, suddenly smells like a bowl of those dried delicious flowers mixed with just a little bit of poop.] Enough about ウンコ!

I fell in love with Japan when I was a wee tyke, –ever since I witnessed a bus driver cramming a flock of cartoon monsters into his bus until it burst into a gameboy color. In high school, I took 4 years of Japanese with a classroom containing a fair amount of pasty-white anime gnomes. The ones who like anime just because it’s anime and has nosebleed-causing 女 [girls], and NOT for the story… but, hey, you find me a Japanese class anywhere in America that isn’t full of ‘em. Anyhoozle, I passed all four years with largely A’s. “Yay!!! I’m fluent!!!”


I did get the A’s, but not the fluency. Basically, I got outta there knowing hiragana, kind of katakana, and a sliver of a foundation of how the language works, minus all the important stuff (which was never even touched). Let’s go, school! And thus, I never returned since graduating with a 3.922 GPA in 2007.

In late, late June of 2009, the thought fell full-spread on me like that fat fella bubbling with globs of sweat in my Physical “Education” class, I wanted not only to visit the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, I wanted to live there, thrive there, be totally kick-A(??) there… You can’t do any of those things without having a good grip on the language. I started truly learnin’ me some’a’dat Japanese. I bought a self-study textbook and a J-E/E-J dictionary at a local, nation-wide 本屋 [bookstore] chain. I was gonna hit the books hard and immerse myself in purely Japanese music. –a step in the right direction.

After I spent my moneez, I decided to use a new thing called the interwebz to investigate if the book I picked out would kick-start me to fluency. Well, it didn’t take long before I discovered a referral to a site called ‘All Japanese, All The Time’. [Shout out!]

Now, a year later, my Japanese is Buzz Light-years ahead of where I was after hikeschool; still not fluent, but hastily charging to that place. So, how does ‘hatchJAPAN’ come into play?

The Pre-Mission

Over the past year, I’ve been peeking into how I can legally reside my 尻 [butt] in Japan. To be honest, it would have probably been a smart move going to college and dumping my money and time on mostly unimportant, unrelated classes for a 4-year degree.  However, I don’t want to go to Japan to solely teach English, which is pretty much all the good that paper would do me to an extent.

I want to go live/experience the culture and how Japanese history feeds into what it is today. –can’t really do that whilst being confined to the shell that is the borders of the U.S. I must birth my “Japanese-self” IN JAPAN.

GASP! Wait a minute! Hold the phone! Did that last paragraph just explain the metaphor behind the title? …nah, probably nothing. Probably some kind of bird.

The Actual Mission

Now we get down to da meat’n’potatas, the purpose of the site. It’s here for a few reasons I can think of at the moment.

I. To make contact: I don’t have many, if any, connections in Japan. I need to meet people, for funzeez and/or who can get me closer to achieving my goal. To make my dream become more than just [insert cliché].

II. To exercise my Japanese baby: Just to practice in a creative way. I’ve been referred to as the “creative kid” the majority of my life, and that’s what I like to do. I’ll post things not only about my progress and experiences, but music, videos, drawings, things about Japan I find interesting, etc. Post my drawrings on the fridge. To practice of course.

II.5: To advertise myself: Create a portfolio that demonstrates to potential paths of opportunity what I can do and what I’m about. Hopefully swaying the gods of good fortune to take a chance on this kid.

Where Do You Fit In?

First off, just have fun. Enjoy your time here. You don’t like me or the site? That’s cool, about as cool as a guy smoking while wearing sunglasses at night. No one’s holding you here. I completely respect your right to being a person with preferences, a life, and a personality. Thanks for giving a spec of your time.

But, if you can, I need help from you, the people, more specifically, the person, YOU. What’s the saying, ‘everybody is six degrees from knowing everybody else’? Who knows how true that is. I certainly don’t feel like researching it. It sounds good though, so, let’s use it.

You can help by referring me to just one Japanese person you know, or someone in Japan, or someone who knows someone in Japan, or someone who knows someone who knows someone else in Japan, or even someone who knows something about Japan. OR, visa versa, you can refer them to me. Then they can do the same easy step. And the chain continues, the circle of life goes on, until Zatchy gets to where ざっちー needs to be. It’s just that simple.

I’ll try to be entertaining along the way, even after the way. If it doesn’t entertain my baby, then I’m not gonna even bother posting it. Hopefully it will entertain yours, too.

Alas, here’s to one big ガンバリまーす!

Now, head to the Index to find something that tickles your fancy.

Click on 新しい卵 [New Eggs] for the latest posts.

Or, you can always just do the responsible, sensible thing and Contact me.


About ざっちー

Just a boy trying to find his way to Japan.
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2 Responses to The Mission v1.0

  1. Good Luck! Awesome blog, keep it up!

    • ざっちー says:

      The site has kind of slowed down, but has not been abandoned.
      Good luck to you and your monster journey as well. : ]

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