Reality Check: Before You Release

Okay, I’ve had enough! I can’t live another decade without going public and raising this matter to the attention of the higher-ups. It’s something that has sickened citizens of all nationalities for years. And that is: the irresponsible of さとし [Ash] and his entourage with the usage, or shall I say misusage, of Pokéballs!

We all know that while Pokéballs are fairly cheap and reasonably priced, the fact of the matter is that shiz adds up, especially in today’s economy. You have to be careful or you’ll end up on the receiving end of a bowl at the soup kitchen. It’s easy to shell over 2,000 Pokébucks for ten measly belt ornaments. Manhandling who knows how many Pokémon to take half the total earnings from their whited-out trainers’ pockets. It’s the price we pay to become masters, a.k.a. do Oak’s lazy-A job because he was busy partying away his youth. Us, responsible trainers, go and purchase a bulk of balls with our hard earned cash and know we may or may not be getting anything out of them. Once they’re thrown, they’re gone. That’s it. There is no guarantee (one: MB). We’ll either have ourselves a new friend [slave], or diddly.

Now, here’s where the sickening problem manifests. The TV producers falsely portray the importance of when/how to use these mystical capturing devices: (1) They throw them around willy-nilly as if there is no consequence. They don’t complete their objective and ‘Yo-Yo Omega!’ the ball returns automatically. FALSE! (2) They throw the ball after the Pokémon has already “fainted”. Again, FALSE! In reality, you have to beat the piss out of the little guy until he’s hanging on just barely by a thread of life, and yet still remains alive enough, bless their determined hearts, to brew a heated thwack at your jugular. Throw too soon and you’ll be tossing your clams down the toilet. Throw too late and you’ve just murdered yet another one of God’s little miracles.

It’s time we rise up and put a stop to this travesty. A Pokéball is not a toy. It’s an economic gamble. ACT RESPONSIBLY.

Let your voice be heard. Repost this banner.


About ざっちー

Just a boy trying to find his way to Japan.
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