RA[J]GM: Mini-Games For A Game For Life

For those of you who haven’t yet, check out the Inキュbator and read this article. Only then will you be up to speed with the rest of the class on what I’m about to discuss with words.

I’m calling it the “Raising A [Japanese] Goal Monster: Experiment” (RA[J]GM) and it’s about to get even more fun up in herr’. The experiment has been underway for about a month and has definitely stepped up my game on the Japanese learner’s front as well as in other life affairs. I’ve been doing and trying so many different things that are good for creating a more fulfilling, productive life. For example, I attended an 秋祭り [Japanese Fall Festival] and volunteered to go up in front of the unfamiliar, judging eyes of the crowd to try my hands at a little 太鼓 [Japanese style drumming]. On another occasion, I agreed to go with a friend to an outdoor Shakespearean play being performed at a cemetery. (Needless to say, I received a few unimpressed death-glares when I couldn’t help but 笑い a little hearing the line, “Cleopatra, place your duty in my hand!”) Aside from the unnecessarily creepy, dancing shirtless guy, stereotypical theatre crowd, and just not being something I particularly enjoy in general, I’m still glad I tried something new.

Despite this advancement, I still was not quite at the pace I wanted to be in my point collecting. I started tinkering.

I’ve added four, count ‘em, FOUR strategies and games to RA[J]GM.

Number ICHI: Idea Generator: There are many instances when an empty-time troll will expose itself at your doorstep. Sometimes you think of something productive to do right away that encourages him to pull his pants up. Other times you’re at a loss, fearing the possibility of making a [bad] decision and can’t help but stare. To battle this void, enter a fair amount of easily done activities into a random idea generator. Spin the wheel, and it spits out what your next few minutes will consist of. Don’t like it? Spin again! This way, the burden of making the wrong decision does not fall on your shoulders, creating a lite, carefree state-of-mind as the productivity continues and sending the troll on his way with a fancy pair of suspenders.

Number NI: Ransom Points: Set a ransom on a batch of points (3-6 depending on the spin of the generator). The only way to free the points is to reach the point ransom. If at the end of the day the point count has surpassed 10-25 (depending on the spin), the points being held ransom are added to the day’s earnings, motivating a precise offensive strike on your goal’s defense.

Number SAN: Scheduling: It’s amazing how simply taking some time to write down the things you want to get done seems to help get those things done! Whatta concept. Write out an hourly schedule and fill in the blanks with a couple things you’d like to be doing in those time slots. If you have the free time to do it at that time, do it! These little prompts go a long way.

Number YON: Double Points Day: This requires no effort what so ever. Enter in random fillers into the idea generator as well as some ‘2x’. Spin at the end of the day to see if you’ve just doubled up your earnings. It’s exciting, like gambling! Only you don’t give up your house and kids if you lose. You can also designate a day as a DPD to help motivate you on that particular day. This way, you know exactly when it’s going to happen and can give a much needed boost on days you’re just not feeling it.

There it is. A few more games to add to your game of a thing called real life. To give back to those of you who are spreading the word of hatchJAPAN’s mission or to guilt those of you who aren’t into doing so, I’ve decided to post the Ransom Points everyday and when Double Points Day rolls around. Just check the sidebar to find out what it’s at each day.

Feel free to post some of your ideas on how to make this experiment more fun and productive! じゃあ〜!


About ざっちー

Just a boy trying to find his way to Japan.
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