RA[J]GM: Hatching Habits

It’s so easy to fall into bad habits, and so hard to get out of them.
It’s so hard to get into good habits, and so easy to fall out of them.

How depressing the truth behind those two statements feels. Like how I often put on my pants, they are completely, flippity-floppity backwards. So, why is it so easy to create bad habits while the good tend to fly elusive? Perhaps the most obvious reason is convenience. It’s difficult to restrain from strangling young children when their necks fit so nicely in our adult sized palms. It just feels right, but it is so very, very wrong most of the time. –There seems to be no convenient way to counter convenience. Strong-will is the only combatant.

Or is it?

The one thing I find myself glancing googly-eyed at more than convenience is fun and games. We’re more likely to kick the convenience of convenience when presented in inappropriate circumstances if we’re having fun. If only there was a game for life to make creating good habits fun. Oh, I forgot about the Inキュbator! Life is just one big game. Yippee! Yet, another mini-game you can apply to your Goal Monster to help you hatch good habits while smashing the bad and ugly. It’s called the Streak Multiplier. Here’s how it works:

Think of a habit you want to get into (or out of). Every day-in-a-row you go successfully achieving (or restraining from) that particular action bumps your multiplier up by one. For example, if you floss three days in a row, the multiplier would be set at ‘3’. On day four, set at ‘4’. You, then, multiply your total points for the day by that number, or, depending on how much of a stickler you are about points, add that number to the total. The cap can be set at whatever you want. ‘5’ tends to work fairly well. So, from day five on, the multiplier stays at ‘5’ until either you’re confident the good has claimed a sturdy hold in your life or you mess up a day. When you miss a day the multiplier resets and you start over from day one.

How’s that for simple and fun? Suddenly there are less strangled children in the world. Hooray!

As usual, let me know in a comment or by contacting me how this strategy is working for you and what changes you make. Teamwork and community is also a powerful strategy to getting your goals conquered. Happy hatching! またね!

__ざっちー does not participate in nor endorse the strangling of our nation’s youth. Please refrain from acts of strangling no matter how pencil-necked or annoying the child. This includes middle-schoolers.__

About ざっちー

Just a boy trying to find his way to Japan.
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