[PEN・MON] Recommend

Title: ペンギンの問題 [PENGIN no MONDAI]

Category: TV Show

Genre: Animation

Today, I want to introduce you to my favorite Japanese show, ペンギンの問題 [A Penguin’s Problems]. It’s a short show starring an adorable talking blue penguin, Beckham. Each episode showcases a new problem Beckham faces. Though the problems are often your everyday ordinary encounters, he deals with them in no ordinary fashion. Being the minority in a mostly human world, Beckham drags his best friend, Naoto, through every wacky turn that presents itself, which, with each episode being only ten minutes long, occurs around every corner.

Don’t think this big-eyed blue bird is the only one supplying the crazy antics. PEN・MON has a colorful ensemble including Paul, the quiet kid with a magical mohawk, Gordon, your typical fat naked guy in a top hat, and what’s a show without the sexy leopard leotard-wearing granny, Charlotte. These characters, plus many more, contribute to the chaos that is ペンギンの問題.

While the show is geared toward elementary-school-aged children, I find a chuckle in my belly more often than not. So, if you enjoy things that are silly with a hint of magic, I recommend giving PEN・MON a shot in this week’s ‘[hatchJAPAN] Recommend’. The show airs on テレビ東京 every Saturday morning at 8:30(JP). You can bet I’ll be there watchin’, and I hope you’ll join me in the circus of entertainment! またねー!

ペンギンの問題 Official Website (Japanese)


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