My Two Front Teeth

It’s that time of year again! And, if you don’t love Jesus, you at least love presents, which means you love Christmas! Or, some other holiday that is around the same time…

Since I haven’t really spoken Japanese much yet, I decided it was about time my swaddlily clothed wrapped babe got some practice in. And, what better way to do so during the Christmas season than by sharing with you a few of my お願い’s [requests] to Santa-san himself. (English subtitles are available.)

The second video is kind of a spoof of my favorite show, 天体戦士サンレッド.

All hatchJAPAN original 動画 can be found at the official hatchJAPAN youtube channel.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!!!


About ざっちー

Just a boy trying to find his way to Japan.
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4 Responses to My Two Front Teeth

  1. Rini Wooten says:

    Hilarious videos! And great job on your progress! You sound authentic enough to an anime nerd like me; I wonder how the Japanese will think you sound once you get there? 🙂

    • ざっちー says:

      3Q! : ]
      I wonder what they’ll think, too. But, getting the approval of ‘anime nerds’ is a great start!!
      I’ve got a few more videos in mind that I think will be slightly more entertaining and of higher production value. Perhaps mentioning them to you now will make me feel more responsible to actually getting them shot sooner.
      Thank you again for your much appreciated input. : ]

  2. maugrassia says:

    I actually thought your pronunciation was pretty good. Better than “anime nerd”.

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