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I could suggest some good books or movies, but why should I dirty your precious minds with my opinions when you, and other people, can dirty it. Instead, in this week’s ‘[hatchJAPAN] Recommend,’ get ready to be blasted with information of a place where you can find a surplus of Japanese goods in America!!

It’s called KINOKUNIYA and it’s my favorite little 本屋 [bookstore]. They carry a large selection ranging from children’s books to comics to magazines to novels. Pretty much any kind of Japanese medium you could think of including a small collection of movies, music, and, best of all, toys! Other kinds of goodies are also available. They even carry books about Japan in English so you can help your ill informed family and friends accept that the Japanese do in fact NOT eat dogs like some of the other countries in their neighborhood.

There is so much at KINOKUNIYA; literally, hours can be spent in this store at a time. You will find yourself spending way more money than you intend if you’re not careful. Fortunately, while you’re sliding three or four or five large bills across the counter, you can practice some conversational skills in Japanese with the clerk to distract you from the pain. Even if your wallet is on the light side, free newspapers and other booklets/pamphlets printed in Japanese are up for grabs near the front door.

You will probably have some trouble finding specifics if you are a beginner to the Japanese language as the setup is geared towards the Japanese community. However, just like learning Japanese, the more time you spend in the environment, the more you’ll learn where the important stuff is. Poke around a bit. You can also pick up some listening practice because there are a lot of conversations rolling about. Don’t be a creeper! Or do. I’m not the boss of you.

There are several of these stores located in America (as well as in other countries). The downside: since the only thing standing between Japan and America is an ocean, the large portion of stores are on the west coast. So, if you live in Nebraska like me, you’ll really have to capitalize on the experience while in California. You can safely untwist your 下着 [undergarments] though because most stores like to sell their products. That means the use of cutting new technologies! KINOKUNIYA has a website making books a mere click from being in your hands.

If you find something you really enjoy, make sure to grace us with your own recommendations here at hatchJAPAN.

Happy spending!

KINOKUNIYA Official Website


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