RA[J]GM: Another Round of Fun

How’s your Goal Monster coming along? Are you logging your experience? Is his level starting to get up there? Are the points now seeming less significant?

When this happens it’s not that the points lose any significance, it means your goal is becoming beefy and healthy. You’re that much closer to accomplishing what you set out to do when you put that little たまご [egg] in the InKyuBator.

However, I do see how feeling your wheels are spinning in the mud on a level can wear on your motivation. After all, isn’t that what RA[J]GM is all about, motivation? Of course it is. You just have to turn it back into a game; make earning experience points fun again!

I have come up with a few more strategies to help you reclaim the fun and get the motivation-train running at super speeds like the はやぶさ [HAYABUSA]:

ADD WEEKLY rather than entering your points daily. Keep track of the day’s points as usual; just add the total sum to your monster at the end of the week. By doing this you will trick yourself into thinking you’ve earned a larger amount of experience. It helps create a motivational spike. This is the same concept as phasing. It also gives you something to look forward to after a long week’s work.

SPEED CRUNCHING: Sit down and write out a list of ways to obtain quick-gratification points. Simple things that can get done within thirty seconds or a few minutes. Things that don’t seem like much but still help you get closer to your goal. Don’t be stingy. Every step counts, even the tiny, toe-length scoots. The idea is to be able to crank out a sizable amount of points in a short time. If the day is coming to a close and you aren’t satisfied with the amount of points earned or are inches away from getting those coveted Ransom Points, Ping-Pang-PONG! The points are yours just by accomplishing a few ideas from your list. CRUNCHED!

SKILL POINTS: Make a chart that displays different aspects/skills of your goal. Set a small amount of points for each. If you can obtain all the points for that skill in a day, you get bonus points. For example, if your goal is Japanese fluency, make two categories (input and output) and in those, two subcategories (listening and reading, writing and speaking). If you get all your ‘listening points’ for the day, you earn a bonus +1. If you get all the ‘input points’ filled in, you get +1 on top of the bonus points you earned for the sub-categories, which would equal +3 total. If you fill in all points in all categories, +5, making a total of +11. Eleven bonus points plus becoming well-rounded in all fields, acquiring the skills necessary to becoming a master of your goal! Sounds like Michael Scott gets a win.

Fun. Simple. Helpful in achieving your goals! Fiddle around with the games and make them fit to your liking. If you come up with other games, post them in the comments.

Get to it, Tiger!


RA[J]GM UPDATE: I received an email from a programmer a while back wanting to help create a RA[J]GM program. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the email services’ communication and his email provider would not accept my response. I had no other way of contacting him.
However, since I don’t know how to program but do know how to work Photoshop and edit video, I am currently working on a mock video for a RA[J]GM program. I’m hoping it will help spark some interest so we can get this thing going, making your Goal Monster that much easier to operate/visualize and make the focus more on the fun and motivation.

About ざっちー

Just a boy trying to find his way to Japan.
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