theHATCH [Pre-arrival]

[Originally published on 2012/03/12. This phase has been accomplished. I have arrived in Japan at the time I aimed for, enrolled in the Japanese language school I was shooting for.]

Welcome to theHATCH, a project that presents a concrete step towards accomplishing my mission. For those of you who are new to hatchJAPAN, I am the ringmaster of this show, ざっちー [Zatchy].

So, what is ‘theHATCH‘?

theHATCH is the long awaited action of physically birthing myself in Japan, which is something I have been working towards since before the idea of this site was hatched in 2010. At that point, I had not a clue of which path was right for me.

Recently, I have discovered the most realistic way to get to Japan is by returning to the roll of ‘student‘ at a Japanese language school. The goal is to make it there by the 2013 Japanese school-year beginning in April. In order to ensure that happens I have to light the paperwork and have everything prepared at least 4 months in advance.

Up until the time I set foot to soil, all efforts will be focused on achieving exactly that.

Once in Japan, I will get down to business, study hard, and find out what it is truly like to live as the Japanese do in their historically rich society.

BUT, I don’t want to selfishly keep these experiences to my onesie. That’s right, as I am absolutely positive you inferred from my previous statement, I am preparing to join the J-Vlog ranks. [J-Vlog is a youtube community dedicated to making video diaries about Japan, providing hundreds to thousands to hundreds of thousands of viewers some much sought-after information and entertainment.] In addition to the shorts, my Japanese-dedicated youtube channel, hatchJAPAN, will undergo a slight transformation sharing more personal videos. These video-logs will allow anyone access to peek into the living, breathing heart of Japan, as well as provide insight on how to make the jump to the big J for those seeking a similar dream as mine.

To raise the funds necessary for this project (approx. $20,000/year), literally all extra money I earn will go into paying for the plane tickets, tuition, food and accommodation, etc. In addition to working part-time while in Japan, a few ways I will be attempting to raise money is through: (1) online/real-world sales of my things, (2) BadorBot plush sales and auctions (more details to come), (3) sponsorships, (4) grants & scholarships, and (5) donations. If you think you would enjoy sharing in my experiences through vlogs and blogs, please consider making a donation by clicking the ‘DONATE’ button in the sidebar. (Keep in mind, though, that I have no idea how much time I’ll have to update nor do I know what the internet situation will be.) You can donate anonymously, but if you do contribute I encourage you to let me know at some point so I can show my thanks. The support really means the world to me. However, even if you can’t/don’t want to physically help out, I still want to share this journey with you, so hang around won’tcha?  ; ]

I will enroll in a 2-year course, which, upon graduating will grant me a Japanese Technical Associates Degree by the Japanese Ministry of Education. The school will also help me prepare for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). These two certifications play important roles in pursuing the next major step towards my mission.

The school and general specs have been plotted, but will not be shared publicly. If it is something you feel you need to know, shoot me an email and we can determine its relevance.


I understand it is hard to connect with someone through words on the computer screen, so if you need more information, get in touch. If you have questions or comments about me and/or what I’m doing, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am open to your inquiry and suggestions.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Zatchy, hatchJAPAN

Share this page, won’t you? Please? I love you…


About ざっちー

Just a boy trying to find his way to Japan.
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