Status: 赤ちゃん
Lvl. 19
Exp. 130/1141
Total: 6790

Life Exp. -FROZEN-

Lvl. 12
Exp. 474/586
Total: 2634


何だこりゃ?! Go to ‘‘Raising A [Japanese] Goal Monster’ Experiment‘ to find out what this page is all about!

**Any article containing ‘RA[J]GM‘ in the title pertains to this project.**

7 Responses to InKyuBator

  1. nippyon says:

    Cool idea. I wish i had something like this to keep me motivated>.<
    Thinking at all of making one open to the public(e.g. a user has his/her own egg, puts in exp. pts, and lvls up to hatch their egg, just like yours)?

    • ざっちー says:

      Yes, the thought has crossed my mind! I have some ideas that I think would be simple yet really sweet and something people could enjoy!
      The only problem is my experience in creating something like that. I have to find someone who I could either work with to produce such a program, or have someone point me in the right direction on how to do it myself.
      You’re welcome to try to recreate what I’ve got. Maybe even make it better!

      • URAHARA says:

        I would like to discuss the ideas and opportunities with you. I wanted to build something like this ([Visible] results) (is one of my “wished projects”). Let’s discuss it and/or exchange ideas in 2/2 October – 1/2November, since I have to finish some other prioritized stuff before I can switch my gears. 😉

  2. Tyler says:

    I’m thinking about adopting this plan. The only thing I can’t find is an algorithm for how much experience you need for each level. What is yours?

    • ざっちー says:

      I’m glad you’re considering giving this strategy a whirl!
      I use the most basic medium-fast algorithm they use for the pokemon experience, which is EXP=n^3
      But to save the calculating, there is a table on this page that makes it all pretty simple to follow.
      Let me warn you though, that it does get pretty steep as the levels progress. Making mini-games, rewards, and strategies to earn more points is gonna come in handy the further you go to make it feel more like a fun game.
      Good luck! Let me know how it works out for you if you do decide to go with it. : ]

      • maugrassia says:

        Okay, thank you! I guess then I’ll just have to make more of the gaming functionalities (i.e. mini-games, strategies, rewards) and then I’ll be set.

      • ざっちー says:

        No problem.
        I’ve got a couple of mini-games and such you can find here. But if you come up with any more, please do share.

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