**This page will be continually updated. Keep checking back for new works and achievements. Enjoy!**

To hatch an egg with your palms requires patience; hold the applause. If there is one thing ざっちー [Zatchy] knows, it is how to hatch that egg. Patience is the key attribute contributing to his achievements. With a taste for perfection, he longs to best anything he gets his hands on. Sculpture, Video, Music, Writing– ざっちー has excelled in these four major food groups of entertainment.

Sculpture– (Click thumbnails to enlarge.)

**Most sculptures remain partially/un- painted.

Comedy, commercials, shorts, weddings, event intros/outros, full-length DVD’s jam-packed full of live stand-up– Despite no formal training, ざっちー has an extensive background on the video-making front. From writing, directing, and shooting to acting and editing, he is ecstatic to do it all.

Dead Butterfly Productions [英語]: ざっちー and friends’ sketch comedy establishment. (Some videos are for the immature-mature audiences.)
Magic. Magic. Magic.‘ -Winner of the 2009 Squirrel Dance Film Festival for ‘Best Comedy Short‘ (Lincoln, Nebraska).
hatchJAPAN [日本語]: ざっちー’s personal channel dedicated to the efforts of improving his Japanese while staying true to the things he loves: creating and entertaining.
訂正しない‘ -Winner of the 2010 Kai-Ki: Tales of Terror from Tokyo 100 Monogatari -100 Tales- Official Contest (Los Angeles, California).
エムしば‘ -1st place in the JapaneseLevelUp Video Contest: Second Strike (2011)


Digital Design
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At the ripe, young age of twelve, ざっちー began his musical journey. Drums are his weapon of choice. In the secondary, guitar. Also, dabbling with just about anything else that will make noise. ざっちー has played on many stages and been apart of many bands, filling various rolls in each. With the ability to play by ear, he picks things up quickly and is often relied upon for last minute fill-ins.

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  1. Chungan says:

    Neat sculptings.

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